Served Mon –Friday from 11 to 2:30, All specials served with egg drop or hot and sour soup (soup only available for dine in)




1. Chinese Chicken Chow Mein, Egg Roll & Fried Rice.

2. Chinese Chicken Chow Mein, Egg Foo Young and Fried Rice.

3. Sweet & Sour Chicken ( or tofu) & Fried Rice.

4. Sweet & Sour Chicken ( or tofu) Egg Roll & Fried Rice.

5. Lemon Chicken ( or tofu) & Fried Rice.

6. Lemon Chicken ( or tofu) Egg Roll & Fried Rice.

7. Fried Rice (your choice of meat)

8. Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad with Egg Roll.

9. Steamed Vegetable, Spring Roll and Steamed Rice.




Most of the items below may be substituted for Pork, tofu, mock duck for the same price.

Beef or squid 1.99 shrimp 2.99 scallops 4.99

Sub brown rice for .50c or fried rice for 1.99 



10. Basic Stir Fry. (your choice of meat)

11. Cashew Nut. (your choice of meat)

12. Thai Curry.*** (your choice of meat)

13. Garlic Lover’s.* (your choice of meat)

14. Lo Mein. (your choice of meat)

15. Bangkok Noodles.* (your choice of meat)

16. Vegetarian Fantasy in Black Bean Sauce.*

17. Sesame.* (your choice of meat)

18. Kung Pao.* (your choice of meat)

19. Pad Thai.** (your choice of meat) 

20. Vietnamese Curry.* (your choice of meat)

21. Basil Supreme.** (your choice of meat)

22. Teriyaki.* (your choice of meat)

23. Singapore Noodles.* (your choice of meat)



24. Ahi Tuna. 13.99

Grilled tuna, simple soy wasabi with steamed baby bok-choy.

25. Walleye. 13.99

Lightly breaded fillet atop a bed of brown rice and vegetables, topped with Asian black bean sauce.

26. Salmon. 13.99

Plank-smoked in-house with grilled asparagus.

27. Tilapia. 12.99

Tilapia fillet braised with ginger, garlic, tomatoes, water-chestnut and served over vermicelli noodle.



Most items on our menu can be made Gluten free, just ask!


What is mild to some may be spicy to others. Be careful when ordering. *Medium  **Hot  ***Very Hot  **** Crazy Hot